Digitrak Falcon F5 Locating System

Digitrak Falcon F5 Locating System for sale

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Digitrak Falcon F5 Locating System sale description

Digitrak Falcon F5 Locating System for sale includes advanced features like DataLog, iGPS, fluid pressure monitoring, and dual frequency bands. Falcon F5 tackles the biggest obstacles to completing your underground drilling projects: passive and active interference. Maintain depth and data readings through interference sources including:

  • Supports five operating frequencies, thus eliminating the effects of possible interference
  • Achieves better signal stability and saves battery power when changes frequency with dual-frequency probes
  • Has intuitive color graphic display
  • The frequency can be switched belowground
  • Contains DataLog LWD recording function with Bluetooth
  • Supplied with patented 3D antenna technology
  • Provided with the “Purpose-in-the-window” function;
  • Compatible with SST2 and TensiTrak2 systems as well as with F-series probes
  • Equipped with a four-way joystick, which makes the management process easy and quick
  • Allows to review the previously recorded data during the drilling process
  • Compatible with remote F-series FSD and MFD displays

Easy operation for both pros and first-time users

  • Ball-in-the-Box guidance technology you already know
  • Up and running fast with easy toggle-based menu navigation
  • Quickly find optimum frequencies for today’s job site
  • Get Support 24/7
  • Falcon Technology maintains up-time at the job site. 

Meet client needs for documenting the bore. Take a depth reading and record data with a single click of the trigger. With drill data uploaded to the cloud using LWD Mobile, a supervisor can view the pilot bore before the drill head is off.

The Falcon F5 uses the highest and lowest frequencies in the industry to overcome both active and passive (rebar) interference along the bore path. The Falcon F5 also offers Log-While-Drilling (LWD), fluid pressure monitoring, and integrated GPS as an option.

Ease of Use
Falcon F5 raises the bar on walkover locating system capability and ease of use. Our customers have always relied on the Falcon F5’s color, icon-driven screen for easy menu navigation. Ball-inthe Box™ has never been more powerful and still provides a real-time status of the bore in progress. Minimize downtime caused by alternative products that claim to get the job done but often fall short. Keep your project on DigiTrak and maximize your productivity.
3 Year/500 Hour Warranty
Register your new Falcon 19” or 15” transmitter within 90 days for an enhanced warranty of 3 years or 500 hours, whichever occurs first. Ask your dealer about an extended warranty option that provides 5 year/750 hour coverage.
Transmitter Specifications
See the separate Falcon F5 Transmitter Specification Sheet for details on the six different 19”, 15”, and 8” wideband options for active interference and Sub-k Rebar options for combating passive interference. Falcon F5 also supports our popular DucTrak transmitters

For sale pre-owned Digitrak Falcon F5 complete kit iwth Transmitter 15” Sonde and 19” Long Range Sonde, Great condiiton, ready to working order and works flawlessly with DCI working standards.

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