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Rohde Schwarz CMU200 Radio Comm Tester GSM EDGE
Radio Communication Tester

Rohde Schwarz CMU200 Radio Comm Tester GSM EDGE


Rohde Schwarz CMU200 Radio Comm Tester GSM EDGE


Rohde Schwarz CMU200 Radio Comm Tester GSM EDGE Calibrated

  • Config: GSM,  EDGE

Hardware config:

  • B11: OCXO
  • B21v14: Universal Signaling
  • B52v14: Speech Coder
  • B95: Additional RF Generator
  • B54v14: GSM Signaling Hardware
  • B41: Audio Measurement
  • U65v04: DSP
  • ADM K6-2 Processor with 256MB

Software config:

  • K21-24: GSM 850,900,1800,1900 software
  • K14: FM Stereo
  • K43:  EDGE software

The CMU200 is a third generation platform design, that offers true scalable multimode functionality. CMU200 reflects the long-standing expertise Rohde Schwarz has gained in the world of mobile radio. In recent years, the company has helped to launch overwhelmingly successful mobile radio systems. Rohde Schwarz is a preferred supplier to many of the leading mobile equipment manufacturers and is the market leader for mobile radio test sets.

The CMU200 is part of a complete range of mobile radio test equipment, encompassing everything from conformance test systems, to system simulators, turnkey functional board test / final test systems and simple sales counter Go/NoGo testers. The base unit with its standard-independent module test provides many general purpose measurement facilities for the development of all kinds of standards within its wide and continuous frequency range.

If extended by the relevant options, the CMU200 offers the hardware and software necessary to handle your 3G, “2.5G“ and previous generation testing applications including analog