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Artec Spider 3D Scanner

Artec Spider 3D Scanner with Artec Studio 10 Professional Lifetime license
$ 12100

Artec Spider 3D Scanner with Artec Studio 10 Professional Lifetime license.

Artec Spider 3D Scanner sale includes:

  • Artec Spider 3D Scanner
  • Lifetime license Artec Studio 10 Professional with User's Guide
  • Support for field calibration
  • Power cable with power supply
  • 2x USB Cable
  • Pelican Hard Case
  • Manuals
  • 2 years Manufacturer warranty

Artec Spider Description:

Artec Spider 3D scanner portable device for 3D-scanning with high resolution (50 microns) and accurate data capture. This is the optimal solution for the digitization of small objects with fine detail, the dimensions of which can be compared with a pen or matchbox. The decision to buy a 3D scanner Artec Spider is justified to carry out a wide range of tasks in such fields as engineering, medicine, museum, design, manufacturing, reverse engineering, quality control. Available video mode allows you to shoot dynamic objects.

Amazing accuracy and speed of 3D-scanning:

Artec Spider ensures accurate 3D-scanning of up to 50 microns (0.05 mm)! This makes the optimal decision scanner for scanning objects with a small-sized high-detail (e.g., chips, machinery parts, human faces, etc.). Besides accuracy, 3D-scanner Artec Spider allocated excellent 3D-scanning speed - 1 000 000 points per second.

High-quality capture of textures and colors:

Artec Spider is not only very accurately takes the shape of the object, but also reliably collects information about its color and texture. This color data reaches 24 bits per pixel, allowing you to quickly create realistic 3D-models. Artec Spider This property is often used in the advertising industry, animation, cinematography, the creation of special effects.

Ease of use:

To work with Artec Spider does not need special training! It's very easy, the process of 3D-scanning is understandable even to a novice user. To obtain the 3D-model, must bring the scanner to scan the object at a distance of 17 to 35 cm, and scan mode run smoothly scanner enclose all sides of the object. All other work is done by the software Artec Studio. It will bring together all removed files into a single three-dimensional model in the automatic mode, smooth out problem areas and removes artifacts.

The best in the software market for 3D-scanning:

An important part of any 3D-scanner Artec - software Artec Studio. This is your reliable assistant for easy and efficient 3D-scanning. It will do the job with the scanner Artec Spider pleasant, simple and fast. With a simple interface and high speed of data processing, Artec Studio allows you to digitize complex objects, even a novice without any special training.

No need to apply tags:

One major advantage of scanners Artec - is no need to put the markers on the scanned object. This is especially useful when scanning small objects, as difficult to put markers on a pen, or a chip. At such small sizes of the object often do not get to put a sufficient number of markers. 3D scanner Artec Spider solves this problem perfectly.

It is safe for human:

Artec Spider uses as a source of light blue LED lamp. This makes it absolutely safe for human and animal scanning. That is why Artec Spider is used when you want to get a high-quality 3D-model of a human face.

Absolute mobility:

Weight Scanner - only 850 grams. This makes it easy to carry and use Artec Spider, even in the most remote places: the objects that can not be moved, touched, or very fragile items. Additionally Artec Spider can be equipped with a portable battery that will allow you to work in the open air without having to connect to the mains.

Where to use the 3D-scanner Artec Spider:

The main purpose of 3D-scanner Artec Spider - highly detailed scanning of small objects. Its application will be needed in areas such as medicine, museum, design, production, media - anywhere where you need accurate, high-quality 3D-scanning.

3D-scanner Artec Spider is ideal for the most accurate 3D-scanning of complex objects.

For example, it is used for the development of individual braces in orthopedics and prosthesis, as well as many other objects digitizing

Awesome Features the latest version of Artec Studio 10:

  • powerful tracking algorithm textures and geometry
  • fast, easy and intuitive automatic continuous scanning
  • the fastest algorithm scans the assembly
  • support for sensors (including Kinect V2 and Intel F200)
  • incredibly fast optimization of the grid
  • automatic removal of labels
  • Keystone textures
  • output formats: OBJ, STL, WRML, ASCII, AOP, CSV, PTX, PLY, E57.