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Artec Eva Lite 3D Scanner

Artec Eva Lite 3D Scanner - simply quick and accurate scan
$ 8700

Artec Eva Lite 3D Scanner, ideal choice for those that need to receive a quick and accurate scan.

Artec Eva Lite 3D Scanner sale includes:

  • Artec Eva lite 3D Scanner
  • Power cable with power supply
  • 2x USB Cable
  • Pelican Hard Case
  • Manuals
  • 2 years Manufacturer warranty

Artec Eva Lite Description:

3D-scanner Artec Eva Lite from the company Artec Group - the most accurate and affordable three-dimensional scanner. Eva Lite does not capture the color and texture, but quickly and accurately scans the surface of the objects of medium size. Simple to operate, lightweight and ergonomic 3D-scanner Artec Eva Lite - an optimal solution with a limited budget.

High accuracy:

3D-scanning surface is up to 0.1 mm. This accuracy is perfect for digitizing objects of medium size. Parts of the human body (torso, face), architectural elements or parts of the decor (statues, bas-reliefs), the car or its parts - all this you will be able to easily translate into a three-dimensional format with the help of 3D-scanner Artec Eva Lite.

High-speed 3D-scanning:

3D-scanner Artec Eva Lite digitizes the subject at a rate of 16 frames per second. Thus Eva 288000 captures points per second. Such indicators allow you to use Eva Lite scanning moving objects.

It does not require labeling: On the surface of the object does not need to apply any special labels or markers. This makes the three-dimensional scanning, making the process completely contactless and convenient. Harnessing the power of Artec Eva Lite - a good solution for designers, designers, sculptors, museum workers, to save the data about the objects of cultural heritage.

The absence of time-consuming calibration: To get started with 3D-scanner Artec Eva Lite There are three easy steps: connect the cables (USB and power), install the software and click on the "Start" button. The device is ready to scan immediately after power-up. There is no need to carry out time-consuming calibration, and the scanning process can be practiced with minimal training.

Simple and easy to use software: The value of 3D-scanner Artec Eva Lite included control software Artec Studio. The program has a continuous update and makes the scanner a pleasant, simple and fast.