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Artec Eva 3D Scanner

Artec Eva 3D Scanner with Artec Studio 10 Professional Lifetime license
$ 11300

Artec Eva 3D Scanner with Artec Studio 10 Professional Lifetime license.

Artec Eva 3D Scanner sale includes:

  • Artec Eva 3D Scanner
  • Lifetime license Artec Studio 10 Professional (1) with User's Guide
  • Power cable with power supply
  • 2x USB Cable
  • Pelican Hard Case
  • Manuals
  • 2 years Manufacturer warranty

Artec Eva Description:

3D-scanner Artec Eva - the perfect solution for quick digitizing of medium size objects: human, vehicle parts, monuments, elements of the interior. Eva is able to quickly and accurately capture the color and texture of the object at a rate of 24 bits per pixel and 1.3 mega pixel resolution. Artec Eva - the lightest in its class 3D-scanner, it does not require for complex calibration and marks on the object. Another important advantage of this scanner - unique software Artec Studio, which makes scanning as simple and fast.

Capturing the color and texture of the object:

Artec Eva collects information about the color and texture of the object, which reaches a depth of 24 bits and a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. All information about the color and the texture is stored in the JPEG file format as a raster image. It makes use of the data scanning easy and convenient, allowing you to quickly import them into any convenient 3D-format that and continue to work in popular programs on modeling.

High accuracy: 3D-scanning of the object is carried out with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. This accuracy is perfect for digitizing objects of medium size: man and parts of his body (torso, face, hand), architectural elements or pieces of decoration (statues, bas-reliefs), car or its parts (lights, roof, hood, interior), monuments any other objects.

The incredible speed of 3D-scanning: 3D-scanner Artec Eva digitizes the subject at a rate of 16 frames per second. Thus Eva captures and 2 000 000 points per second. Such indicators allow you to use the device to scan moving and changing facilities.

The best in the software market for 3D-scanning:

An important part of any 3D-scanner Artec - software Artec Studio. This is your reliable assistant for easy and efficient 3D-scanning. It will do the job with the scanner Artec Eva pleasant, simple and fast. With a simple interface and high speed of data processing, Artec Studio allows you to digitize complex objects, even a novice without any special training.

Easy to use: 3D-scanner Artec Eva purchase and use can absolutely anyone. To get started, you need to follow three easy steps: connect the cables (USB and power), install the software and click on the "Start" button. The device is ready to scan immediately after power-up. There is no need to carry out time-consuming calibration, and the scanning process can be practiced with minimal training.

It does not require labeling: On the surface of the object does not need to apply any special labels or markers. This makes the three-dimensional scanning, making the process completely contactless and convenient. Harnessing the power of Artec Eva - good solution for designers, designers, sculptors, museum workers, to save the data about the objects of cultural heritage.

Absolute security:

The light source in the 3D-scanner Artec Eva is a diode flash lamp. This makes it absolutely safe use for scanning biological (human, animal, plant) and fragile objects. Optical 3D-scanning technology used in this scanner, comparable to the camera flash.

Unlimited possibilities of application: There is no area of ??human activity, wherever handy 3D-scanning. Automotive, aerospace, reverse-engineering, museumification, computer graphics and cinematography, animation, design, forensics, medicine, education, architecture, various control system (biometric, quality control) - this is only a small part of the areas where the use Artec Eva.

Bright examples of 3D-scanner Artec Eva very much. Here are a few:

  • creating virtual copies of the Brazilian national team playerst
  • he creation of the movie "August. Eighth "
  • production of a series of popular American TV series "The Big Bang Theory"
  • development of individual braces for orthopedics and prosthetics
  • digitization of ancient stones with inscriptions in an archaeological expedition
  • the creation of individual astronauts life support suits
  • the creation of 3D-model of the car body

Awesome Features the latest version of Artec Studio 10:

  • powerful tracking algorithm textures and geometry
  • fast, easy and intuitive automatic continuous scanning
  • the fastest algorithm scans the assembly
  • support for sensors (including Kinect V2 and Intel F200)
  • incredibly fast optimization of the grid
  • automatic removal of labels
  • Keystone textures.